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Start focusing on your goals and get more things done with Sync mobile application. It's the first app to harness the power of social connections to help you stay focused and get organized

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Get Things Done

Organize Your Time And Start Getting Results

Sync is the first mobile app on the market to harness the power of social connections to help you stop procrastinating and start getting things done. Give it a try and see the changes right away

  • Analyse and evaluate your current status and productivity
  • Begin monitoring your day to day routine with Sync app
  • See the improved results in no more than a couple of weeks

Schedule tasks to keep track of their completion. Sync provides multiple scheduling options including alarms and reminders.

  • You can always add new tasks or change the settings of existing ones in your calendar view or the app control panel
  • It's easy to stay focused on your most important daily activities that will get you closer to meeting your goals
  • Use phone reminders to free up your long term memory which will reduce stress and make you more productive

Keep track of everything and analyse your progress while using the app. In less than a month you should be seeing improved results when it comes to time management and task prioritization

Anyone can enjoy the app no matter their gender, age, occupation or location in the world. Sync's algorithms have been built to be flexible and functional for any person in the world

Achieve the impossible just by carefully monitoring your progress and keeping the app updated with daily operations. It's easier than you think and it only takes a couple of minutes

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Use the power of social interactivity to keep you motivated and focused on your daily and long term goals. It's revolutionary

  • Commiting to something in front of a crowd gives you little room to walk back on your promise and makes you push on
  • No more frustrations of loosing focus and not being efficient. Sync main purpose is to solve just that and make you happy
  • It's the first mobile app that can turn you in a better organized person without the pressure of failing like other systems
  • Recognized by a lot of trainers and life coaches Sync is the number one tool they recommend time management

Special Features

Sync's features are designed to help you improve your time management skills and become a better organized person. Organize your tasks, schedule your appointments and meet your personal development goals with Sync

  • Goal Setting

    Like any self improving process, everything starts with setting your goals and committing to them

  • Situation Analysis

    Sync provides a well designed and ergonomic visual editor for you to edit your quick notes

  • Tasks Settings

    Each option packaged in the app's menus is provided in order to improve you personally

  • Social Interaction

    Schedule your appointments, meetings and periodical evaluations using the tools

  • Get Things Done

    Reading focus mode for long form articles, ebooks and other materials with long text

  • Good Foundation

    Get a solid foundation for your self development efforts. Try Sync mobile app for devices

User Testimonials

I love using Sync for my personal development needs. It meets all my requirements and it actually helps a lot with focusing skills.
Rick Jones - Designer

After trying out a large number of personal coaching apps I decided to give Sync a try and what a wonderful surprise it was.
Lynda Marquez - Developer

Never dreamed I could learn so fast how to focus on my personal goals and improve my life to levels I never thought possible.
Jay Frisco - Marketer
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I got so much value from using Sync in my daily life for which I am very grateful and would recommend it to everybody
Frank Gibson - Manager

If you have great goals but can't figure out a way to keep focused then you should definitely give Sync a try and see the results
Rita Longmile - Designer

I've been looking for a great organizer app for such a long time but now I am really happy that I found Sync. It's beeen working great
Jones Smith - Developer

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Do you feel like you're wasting time with small stuff instead of working towards your goals? Start using Sync to organize your time and get a grip on your personal development